Amsterdam for Christmas!

Ashton is rapidly building a reputation as a leader in the LGBT travel world with  Not only did he use his recent, on the ground knowledge to help me navigate Amsterdam for the first time, but his contacts helped me find the best events – which I never could have accessed on my own.

First off, I really appreciated having my own personal website dedicated to my trip, including all the basics, links to information I would need and the specific details and events he was able to arrange. With my own page to use as a one-stop shop for my travel, I was able to quickly access information about restaurants, bars, and other venues available during my stay.

However, the most important key to making my vacation special was Ashton’s ability to find the exact events I would like – and reach out to ensure all the information was accurate for my specific dates.

Thank you gAytlas!

-Greg P.

Missouri, U.S.A.